Utah Football Spring Practice- Day One


Ok it was the first day of Spring Ball for the Utah Utes Football team and we got what we expected.

First, we had the team going no huddle and working as hard as possible to get information in and back to the line as fast as possible.  Coach Erickson was all about stressing this speed and attack.

Second, we’re about to see the return of the real life read option.  We’d tried to keep the read option alive, sort of.  But Jordan Wynn wasn’t a hugely mobile QB and then with his injury problems, it essentially became a hand off.  We worked a great deal of actual, real live read option today.

Play action off the read option.  As you read that I think you can see the basis of our offense coming together, and it’s starting to have a circa 2004 feel with new fangled options involved, including tight ends.  In short, I think you’ll see us running A LOT of fast plays designed to get the defense on it’s heels.

It’s clear that Travis Wilson is the man and the word is his arm strength is much better.

As for the defense, well its going to have to wait a bit until we get to pads.  We should be excited that all of the young LBs and DB’s who got experience last year will be a whole lot more ready for the Pac-12 this time around.

We’ll also be waiting to see what emerges on the defensive line.

All in All, it seemed everyone was happy to be back at it and my hope that Dennis Erickson would breath some fresh air into the place is coming true.