Utah Utes Football- Erickson’s Air Express


Utah Utes football is fully joining the Erickson’s Air Express.  That phrase came from the University of Wyoming’s marketing staff when Erickson became head coach there in 1986.  Before that time, Wyoming had been a wishbone team from Fred Akers to Pat Dye to one of the men who killed my childhood Al Kinkaid.  So when Wyoming went three receivers and one back, well it seemed like magic.

If you curious where the Erickson offense began, go to this link.

As I’m sure many of you have read, we will be doing away with huddling and looking for a goal of running 75 to over 80 plays.  I wonder what Bo Schembechler and Woody Hayes would think of that.  And for you kids who don’t know who Schembechler and Hays are, well go use Google.

So what are some thoughts as we launch this era of Utah football.

Honestly, I’m bullish and I don’t really get people who aren’t.  In fact the truly strange ones are those who have firey loins for what is going on with Larry K but are wondering if its time to replace Kyle W.  I’m really tempted to call you names.

First I liked what I saw out of Travis Wilson, he came in as a true in a difficult situation and was solid.  Give him a better line and a year to get everything under his belt, I have to think we’ll improve.

Next we have a crapload of offensive linemen now, so it would be hard not to find find solid ones.  Not to mention with the way this group improved, Utah will be improved here as well.

The running backs are untested but Kelvin York was solid in the chances he got and there is young talent there as well.

We’ll look at the defense more deeply tomorrow, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that stable play at the quarterback and offensive line positions alone will be huge steps for us.