Utah Utes Basketball- The Season In Review (Part One)


This morning we started the look forward at Utah Football, and this afternoon we look back at the latest season of Utah Utes Basketball.

Something that drives me crazy about the Salt Lake City media, is just how shockingly lazy they are.  One person told me that essentially Utah and BYU will essentially freeze them out if the press gets too negative, even when it’s deserved.  So, essentially the U and BYU hand the media a story line and that line gets printed.

It’s kind of what is going on with Utah Basketball right now.  Utah’s people are saying that all is well and we’re clearly on the way up.  Instead of just nodding, shouldn’t someone ask the question are we?  (and a note to a few of you out there, me asking that question doesn’t make me a bad fan)

The two biggest pieces of evidence we’re using is the final weekend sweep and the Pac-12 tourney run.  And there are a couple of pieces of evidence that concern me.  First on the final weekend of Pac-12 play, Washington St., Utah and Oregon St. had won a total of 7 games in conference.  That weekend the same three teams won 5 games.

Then in Pac-12 tournament play, the one guy for USC who destroyed us doesn’t play.  And then we shot nearly 50% from three in a game against Cal where lackadaisical would be a pretty accurate description of their play.

In fact a there was a reoccurring theme in our biggest wins.  Ungodly shooting percentages, such as 67% against Boise (were over 70% for most of the game), 60% against Washington, 57% against Oregon (mid-60s in the first half).

Not to mention our ability to give back big leads.

I think the conclusion to take from this season of Utah basketball, it was better than last season yes, but there seem to be a whole bunch of things that make us question, is serious winning just around the corner.

Tomorrow I’ll look at next season, who is coming, who is going and what that team might look like.