MARCH MADNESS- First Thoughts On The Bracket


I missed the announcement of the bracket do to being forced to hang out with my family, so here are some initial thoughts.

First, seriously did the committee hate the Pac-12.

Oregon as a 12 seed, really?  The Ducks nearly won the conference, won the conference tournament and get sent to a 12 seed?  The Cal Bears at a 12 as well.  Yeah, Cal looked bad the last weekend but I don’t think that’s the Cal you’ll see in the NCAA tourney.  Honestly if Cal and Oregon advance, would not be shocked AT ALL.

And isn’t the NCAA supposed to adjust your seed for an injury?  Somehow Oregon is a 12 and they are getting Artis back while UCLA loses Jordan Adams and keeps a six.  Were the Bruins headed for a 3-4 seed before this all fell apart?

Even Arizona seems a line low.

Other thoughts.

With Gonzaga, Arizona and New Mexico all headed there, Salt Lake just became a very hot ticket.

Speaking of Gonzaga, I have to like their bracket.  A 2nd round game with Pitt or Wichita St.  Then on to the Sweet 16 with a K-State team they crushed, or Wisconsin and an Elite 8 against Ohio St, Arizona or New Mexico.  Things feel like they are lining up for the Zags.  If you’re going Zag hater in this tourney you’re a fool.

MWC comes strong with 5 teams into the tourney.  Props to our old conference.

I wish Ole Miss had been put in Salt Lake City too.  And seriously how are Ole Miss and Oregon on the same like.  This makes no sense at all.

What about Saint Louis to survive that Midwest region?

And I don’t hate the idea of another VCU run.

Thats all I have for a quick look.

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