March Madness- Taking a Breath To Enjoy The Pac-12 Tourney


Seriously, how fantastic has the Pac-12 basketball tournament been.  EVERY SINGLE GAME has been close, either down to the end or overtime.

Second, it’s nice for Utah Basketball to be fun again, if only for a few days.  It really has been a breath of fresh air.

But something did make me chuckle last night.  A couple of people tweeted that Rick Majerus was in the building last night.  I laugh because did any one on the planet hate conference tournaments more than Rick Majerus did.  Every year he would bitch and bitch and bitch.  And many years we’d lose to a team we handled in the regular season or just barely survive.

Who can forget 1997, the first Van Horn tip in had to come against SMU for God sakes.  The next year we lose in the first round.

And isn’t the performance of Jared Dubois one of the reasons Rick hated conference tournaments?  A kid who has essentially been inconsistent his whole career, to the point LMU was willing to let him go in favor of Anthony Ireland, suddenly becomes a world beater.  But wow it has been fun to watch.

I can’t make my mind up on Jordan Loveridge.  Is he destined to be Andre Roberson (which would be very nice) or something more?  Will his transition to the three be smooth?

We’ll leave looking at next year to the weeks to come, whenever this little adventure for the Utes comes to an end.  Right now, let’s have fun and see if we can’t extend this to the Pac-12 final and scare the hell out of some bubble teams.