The Utah Utes Basketball team, two weeks ago, we had 3 conference wins.

Now we’ve won 4 straight and are two wins away from winning the Pac-12 tournament.

Seriously this is happening.

The Utes had to do a lot of things right tonight.  They had to score.  They had to survive Cal’s run.  Jared Dubois had to actually make a clutch shot.  Jordan Loveridge had to shake off a slow start and come up monster big with some threes.  And Cal had to crap the bed too.  It took all of that to happen.  And it did, it really did.

Or I passed out imagined it and this is a really stupid blog post.

But now things get interesting, tomorrow we get either Oregon, whom we don’t match up terribly with, or Washington who we kind of took to the woodshed.

And it’s about right now that I start to hate myself.

Because suddenly I’m thinking that Arizona, UCLA, Washington and Oregon are all teams that we could beat and I’ve let myself fantasize about actually making the NCAA tournament.

And this is the point where Utah Basketball kicks me in the balls.  But the ball kicking, if it comes, will come tomorrow.

Tonight is a night to CELEBRATE.