Utah Utes Swimming Scandal Links


Just to keep all of the information in one place, here are a series of links concerning the University of Utah Swimming Scandal.  But I also must point out, that I supposed I shouldn’t be shocked, but I am disappointed in the attacks on the Fiascone Family and Gordon Monson bringing this up and talking about this.  Yeah all those people might be jerks.  But the best way to not have jerks attacking you and threatening your athletic program.  Don’t give them the ammunition to do so.  Now why the powers that be at the U thought all of this would go away, I have NO IDEA.  But they’re the reason the Fiascones have the power that they do and they are the reason Gordon Monson gets to gleefully dance on our sadness.

Put the blame where it belongs.

Now the Links

Here is the Yahoo Article that broke the story on Friday.

Here is the timeline of events given by the Fiascones to President Pershing concerning Greg Winslow.

The following are a series of stories from Concussion Inc.  These guys are the ones who broke the story of underage sex allegation against former Utah Swim Coach Greg Winslow.

Chris Hill and David Pershing were aware of allegations

Comments on the Universities Statement.

Whistleblower family sets deadline.

An extensive set of links concerning the scandal.

Salt Lake Tribune Articles

Utah Athletic Department Ignored Abuse.

Gordon Monson weighs in.