SHOCKING Allegations of Utah Swim Team Abuses Ignored by Chris Hill


Eric Adelson of Yahoo Sports has written a lengthy column concerning five years of abuses by recently dismissed Utah swim coach Greg Winslow, ignored by Dr. Chris Hill and the Utah Athletic Department.

Please read the article and judge for yourself, but if this is true, I don’t see how Dr. Hill should keep his job.  I mean it’s one thing to destroy a basketball program, it’s quite another to turn your head to abuses alleged here.

Of course this isn’t the first time its been alleged that Dr. Hill has ignored abuses in his program.  It was alleged that many abuses happened under former basketball coach Rick Majerus.  The incident with Lance Allred ultimately leading to Majerus’ departure from the University.

There was also this story of the golf coach driving players while intoxicated.  While this article claims that the coach was just reported, other members of the team claim that Hill knew as early as five years before

While it is too early to make any final determinations, it would appear that there is a long standing willingness by the Athletic Administration to turn a blind eye to the behavior of their coaches.

As more comes out about this, we’ll let you know.