Utah Utes Basketball And Some Blogging Thoughts In General


I’ve been blogging about Utah Basketball and Football for a full year now at Hoyo’s Revenge.  The fine folks here at Fansided.com brought me aboard after seeing my independent blog and thought I might add something interesting here and I hope I have.  One of the things that I always like to do in life is to make sure conventional wisdom is actually reality.  When everyone says something is so because of A, I always like to make sure that is so.  It’s something I hope I’ve brought here.

For example, people have looked to destroy Brian Johnson for the play calling job he did.  The favorite accusation is to stay that we lacked identity.  The question I ask is, how much identity can you have when you use three QB’s, your O-Line is questionable and your all-American running back gets hurt early in the year.  Not to mention your defense struggles to get stops and turnovers leaving your offense with a lot of long fields.  I think that merits discussion.

It brings me to a quote from Dr. Chris Hill concerning the basketball team in a recent piece by Tony Jones.  Dr. Hill called this season Larry’s true year one because last season was a throw away.  Then he said…

"“And I think the community is knowledgeable enough to know that the wins are going to come and the program is not that far away from being successful.”"

This brings two questions.  Why does no one in the media every press Larry or Dr. Hill about why last season was a throw away?  Shouldn’t they answer the question?  If Larry wanted all of those guys gone, does he or Dr. Hill really get to call last season a throw away?  If Larry and Dr. Hill blew the transition, do they get to call last season a throw away?  Doesn’t anyone want to hear them answer that question?

And the second question, do we know the wins are going to come?  Do we know we’re going to be successful?  I keep hearing this and I guess it’s coming right from the top.  However I look at the comparisons and it’s pretty ugly.  As I’ve pointed out in the past few days, this basketball team is by any measure as bad as anything Ray Giacolletti or Jim Boylen ever put on the court.

I point this out to ask one question, we’ve been told we’d rather have these guys than all the guys we’ve dumped, we’ve been told that the coaching is so much better and this is a glorious brand of basketball, so that asks one question, why aren’t the results better.

As a blogger who doesn’t get to ask it, that’s one more question I’d like to see asked.