Utah Utes Lose Another Basketball Game, To Stanford If You Care.


The Utah Utes were crushed by the Stanford Cardinal in the sport of basketball today.  We’re 3-13 in the Pac-12 and lets face facts, two of those wins we’re quite lucky weren’t losses.  Utah was destroyed on the Bay Area roadie and well I could go on but I’m sure you’re tired of reading about the ways we’ve lost because I know I’m tired of writing it.

I know people keep saying they see all the progress we’ve made.  But I don’t think I see it and the number surely don’t bear that out.

Yesterday I wrote about how this is currently not only worse than Boylen’s last team, but Ray Giacolletti’s as well.

It would be the worst season in school history if we hadn’t already had the worst season in school history, last year.  And now our hopes rest on a California JC whose other offer was Washington St. and our young guys getting better, not just better but outpacing the improvement of all the other young talent in this conference.

And our fan base is of one of two opinions.  Everything is wonderful, Larry is the one true coach and we’re a season or two or ten away from a national title, if we just stick with Larry.  The other is that we just have to grin and bear it because our AD sucks and we don’t want him making another hire anyway.

This is what Utah Basketball is now.  Hoping for a JuCo to be magical.  Praying that Larry figures it all out.

How this happened is shocking, just shocking.