Utah Utes Play Stanford Blah Blah Blah. And Which Pac-12 Coaches Keep Their Job.


Last time around, the Utah Utes basketball team was crushed by the Stanford Cardinal.  I could go into all that might happen but we know how this story is written.  We might be close for awhile, we might be close all game, but we’re probably going to drop this one.

Stanford has lost 5 of 7 and are playing to save the job of Johnny Dawkins.  They’ve also taken care of business against the bottom scrubs of the league and it would seem a difficult proposition that Utah would break through today.

As for who might break through today, well anything about the Utes is a total guess at this point.

But a more interesting question is, what Pac-12 coaches keep their job at the end of the season.  Before the season, USC, UCLA, Arizona St., Oregon St., Stanford and Washington St., would have been some degree of warmth to their jobs.  USC has already fired their coach and the team has responded.  One would think Howland has done enough to satisfy the people in Westwood, but who the hell knows with them.  Herb Sendek has almost certainly done enough in Tempe as well.

Dawkins is on his 5th season, has never finished higher than 7th and won’t do so again this year.  Stanford just might make a move this year, or at least Dawkins seat will be on FIRE, next year.

And that brings us to Oregon St. and Washington St., and they both might be in the same boat.  Both coaches still have three years on their deal after this season.  Wazzu in particular has some money issues and just might not be able to pull the trigger.  Although Wazzu could be facing a 12 game losing streak.

The First-Brother-In-Law will be interesting.  It depends upon what Oregon St. thinks it can be and it’s something I don’t have a good read about.  If they have Oregon jealously, they might make a move.  But perhaps like with Mike Reilly, they know who they are and are going to stay the course.

And since we at Utah think rebuilding a basketball team should take between 12-15 seasons, we’re not making a move.

At the end of the day, their might not be another move in Pac-12 hoops this year.