Maybe I’m Just Depressed About Utah Utes Basketball…


I think Utah Utes basketball is much worse off than people think it is right now.  And I think that was caused entirely by what happened after the Boylen firing and all the departures/culture change/what ever the hell you want to call it.

Now maybe I’ll admit that I’m just really depressed that the basketball program we’ll call my wife, the Utes, were blown out last night  by the Cal Bears and the basketball program I see on the side, Gonzaga, won at BYU despite going 6 for 30 from three point range.

Many of you tell me to be patient, that in four, five, six, seven or whatever years this will all be better.  And I’m saying right now, I don’t see it.  Montgomery handed Larry his ass.  There is still no rhyme or reason as to what happens with this team.  Larry’s rotations have been all over the place .  We used to love Seymour hate Tucker, now we hate Seymour and love Tucker.

I’m going to submit something right now.  If you’re name isn’t Jordan Loveridge or Jeremy Olsen, you are completely expendable.  If we stay with Taylor and Tucker and whomever else, it’s because we just couldn’t find anyone who actually should be on a Pac-12 roster.

And on top of that we’re going to keep trying to throw JC guys at the problem, or you can keep trying to sell me on Parker Van Dyke.

The stupid thing is, we might win 5 Pac-12 games next year, go 7-11 the year after that and they’ll invite us to the CBI.  And you people will convince yourself that the CBI in year four is progress.  So we’ll give Larry a 3 year extension.

I really think anyone could have done as good a job.  I believe that if we went out and wrote a check for a coach people outside of Utah have heard of, we’d be better in two years than we will under Larry.

I really do.