Former Utah Utes QB Alex Smith Traded to Kansas City Chiefs


Thankfully, former Utah Ute Alex Smth’s time in San Francisco has come to an end.  Alex was the first pick in the draft by the 49ers in the 2005 NFL Draft.  Because 49ers fans are total pieces of crap errr, wanted local boy Aaron Rogers, they never really took to Smith.  It also didn’t help that Smith had some horrible coaching along the way.  Smith I believe had 126 offensive coordinators in his time in San Francisco.  Shockingly, during the time Smith had a solid OC, under Norv Turner, or had some consistency, when Harbaugh finally came to town, turns out he was a pretty good QB, 19-5-1 over the last two years.

But that wouldn’t be good enough for Jim Harbaugh as he benched Smith over a concussion and played Colin Kapernick, which probably cost him the Super Bowl, not that I’m bitter.

Smith endured a lot in The City, from all the changes at OC, to being thrown under the bus by Mike Nolan and 49ers fans just being general bags of douche.

In Kansas City, he gets a fresh start, and although its a crappy team, they’ll appreciate a QB who can throw a forward pass and Andy Reid knows a thing or two about QB’s.  Assuming Reid stays there and he doesn’t leave for BYU when he’s called to be their QB coach.

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