College Basketball- Las Vegas and a Week of Hoops Nirvana…


Are you a college hoops junkie?  Do you find yourself picking out a rooting interest in the MEAC semi-final and watching the game in its entirety, well this year Las Vegas has something to offer you.  Not one, not two, not three but four conferences will hold their tournaments in the desert and you can go wild.  But if you’re confused what to do, follow along and I’ll give you an itinerary.

Now if you’re truly dedicated, arrive in Vegas on Wednesday March 6th where you can witness the 8-9 game in the West Coast Conference, which will feature someone against Loyola Marymont.

But I imagine some of you have jobs so you’ll want to arrive in Vegas on Friday for the WCC quarter finals.  BYU will be in action on Friday and you can begin your farewells to Brandon Davies.  Yes, lets drag out the you had premarital sex jokes, they’ve grown so old they’re now retro.  Saturday night will be even more fun as St. Mary’s and BYU will be forced to battle each other for the right to lose to Gonzaga.  Unless BYU draws USF or USD and chokes again.  Gonzaga will crush someone on Saturday, and the Monday night will be their coronation to possibly a #1 seed.

Now you have a rare day off on Sunday.  So feel free to get lit up on Saturday night.  You have a whole day to recover.

Tuesday keeps us in the Orleans Arena as WAC Basketball takes off.  Now I have no real idea who is in the WAC besides Utah St.  Tuesday will feature the 7-10 and 8-9 games for the WAC.  And if you have a real problem, you can catch WAC women’s hoops in the day time.

Wednesday starts to get really serious and you’ll have to make some choices.  At the Thomas and Mac center you have the MWC quarterfinals.  At the MGM Grand, you have the first round of the Pac-12 Tournament, featuring everyone but the first four seeds in the Pac-12.  Its hard to know which way to go until we see the match-ups but you’ll want to get to games in both of these tournaments.  Also this night will signal the end of the Utah Utes basketball season, so plan accordingly.

Thursday takes a break from the MWC tournament and the Pac-12 and WAC quarterfinals take place.  Look unless you’re just stuck at the Orleans or you were a graduate of the University of Denver,  the Pac-12 would be your best bet.  I kind of feel back for the WAC and wish they’d found a way to steer clear of the MWC and Pac.  But that’s how it goes.

Now Friday gets tricky because we have three semi-finals all tipping off at the same time.  And if you’re going to try to pick one game from each session.  Our first recommendation would be to see New Mexico-UNLV if UNLV drops to the 4th seed.  In fact whomever UNLV draws might be the game to see in the MWC.

Now you’re going to be hardpressed to get from one arena to the other so either rent a scooter or hire a limo just for yourself, if you stand in cab lines you’re dead.

Finally on Saturday, we get a break.  The MWC tourney is at 3:05 and the Pac-12 Tourney is at 8 PM.

And remember any holes you have can be filled by WAC and MWC women’s basketball, also being played in Vegas.

So if you’re up to the challenge of a week to 10 days of college hoops, Vegas is your city.