Utah Utes Basketball- Do We Get That Fourth Win?


Two more weeks and one tournament game remain in the Utah Utes basketball season.  And while a great many people are trying to revise history about what this season should or should not have been,  there is no doubt that this season has to be called a wild disappointment up to right now.  Last night’s loss to Colorado means two very sad facts remain, Utah has not surpassed it’s Pac-12 win total from last season and Utah has not won 10 Division 1 basketball games this season.

And despite the re-write of what this year was supposed to be from all the folks telling us we’d be .500 in the Pac-12, those had to have been two pretty basic goals for the season.

That’s not to say that Utah has played bad.  In fact this might be their best three game stretch of the season.  We beat ASU in a solid effort and fought with Colorado and Arizona.  But that also means our best was to go 1-2.

So two question’s remain, what do we do over the final four regular season game and our tournament game.  We travel to the Bay Area next week with two teams that we don’t match up very well with.  Then we come for a game against an Oregon St. team that just gives the Utes fits and an Oregon team trying to win the Pac-12.  We’d face Colorado again in the Pac-12 tournament.  Not exactly an easy road.

And that is a question we have to ask for next season.  It’s not like we’re bad but everyone is coming back.  We’re losing two of our top three scorers and our two best defensive players.  And that doesn’t count anyone who transfers.

So while this season limps to an end, our future remains murky at best.