Utah Utes Football- Dennis Erickson Knows How To Win a Press Conference


Dennis Erickson was finally introduced to the media and Utah Utes Football Fans as their new Co-offensive coordinator.  And if there is one thing we need to remember about Dennis Erickson, the man knows how to win a press conference. (Here is a link to the press conference)

As for what we know about how the Utah offense might operate, we did learn one thing, we’re going to try and go no huddle.  The goal being there is that we simply want to run more plays and the only way to do it, is not to huddle.  Outside of that Erickson said the only blueprint that Kyle Whittingham wants for his offense, is to score touchdowns.  Which I think we’d all find exciting as Ute fans.

Beyond that Erickson said something else that sounds so very simple but coaches often make it complex, take your eleven best guys, get them on the field and then have them run what suits them best.  Erickson pointed out that spread offenses can be run many different ways, so if two of your best players are tight ends, well get them out there.  Further things can change greatly depending upon what the strengths of your QB are.

Now all of this has me cautiously optimistic/drinking the Kool Aid for next season.  First here is a thought, Utah hasn’t had a QB start and finish the season since Brian Johnson and the Sugar Bowl.  One would think we have that in one of the guys on our roster or coming for the fall.  And as Erickson pointed out there is nothing harder on an offense than dealing with a QB chance.

He was also very complimentary of Brian Johnson.

Between now and when we take the field against Weber next fall, I think we’re going to see a whole lot of positive about Utah Football.

I for one am excited.

BTW if you’re curious, I saw this article linked on a message board.  Here is Dennis Erickson talking about the origins of the spread offense.