Utah Utes Athletics- The Week In Review


Last week turned out to be a pretty good week for Utah Athletics.

It started on Monday with the hiring of Dennis Erickson as Co-OC, bring brought in to refine the offense for the Pac-12.

Then Wednesday comes and Utah Mens Basketball plays what is in my opinion the best game of the year.  They were behind, yet fought back and were able to close the deal.  Unlike their other serious wins, they didn’t shoot some crazy percentage or jump out to a big lead and just hold on.  Like I said at the time it was like a real win.

The Men followed that up with a nice effort against Arizona that would fall short.  This leaves the question, do we just matchup will with the Arizona schools or was this the long awaited corner turn that has never come.

The Women followed the mens suit.  They won at Arizona St., but would fall behind and were never able to recover against Arizona.  I was at the Arizona game and I have to say, there is something to this team and they deserve better support than they get.

Gymnastics tied at Washington.  Meh.  This team seems to struggle on the road and it would seem a return to the top of the podium would be out of the question this year.

Finally, baseball is back.  And as always the Utes start with the first month on the road.  We won the first at Loyola-Marymont and had me dreaming of Omaha.  Then we dropped the last two and I remember that we’re Utah and we’re never going to win at baseball.

And that was the week that was.