Utah Utes Basketball- Here Come The Sun Devils


The Utah Utes basketball team began their season at Arizona St.  And it was a very close game with ASU making a shot late and Utah not.  That was the last time these two teams were close.

Since that game, Utah has gone 2-8 while Arizona St. has gone 6-4.  In fact it’s hard to believe that Utah looked competitive against the Sun Devils six weeks ago.  Utah has used something like 943 different starting lineups while Arizona St. has found a bona fide star in Jahii Carson who is averaging 18 PPG and 5 APG.

Utah’s wins have come one of two ways, we shoot an amazing percentage or we get a great big lead and hold on.  We nearly gave back our lead against Colorado and might have against Washington if Washington at all cared about winning that game.  Up in Oregon competed for a half before everything blew up.  Seems to be a real pattern with this team.

As for what will happen, it’s hard to know.  Since ASU is playing for something and the Utes are flaying about it would be hard to see the Utes getting a win in this one.  But maybe we find a way to honor Rick Majerus again, ASU has a bad start and maybe, just maybe we hold on.

Sure anything is possible.

(Editors Note: To See the ASU preview of this game follow this link.)