Utah Utes Football: TODAY IS A GOOD DAY


"Two in the mornin got the FatburgerEven saw the lights of the Goodyear BlimpAnd it read, “DENNIS ERICKSON’S a pimp” (yeah)Drunk as hell but no throwin upHalf way home and my pager still blowin upToday I didn’t even have to use my A.K.I got to say it was a good day"

You know it’s been a long year Utah Ute fans in football and basketball.  But today feels like a fresh start, at least in football.  First if you’ve been reading Hoyo’s Revenge and I know you have, you know that I was all over this Dennis Erickson story like stink on a monkey.  And I have to say it feels really good to be out in front of the Salt Lake Media on this one.  Erickson has coached one back and sperad offenses longer than anyone in the MUSS has been alive.  He’ll be a great mentor to Brian, help Brian see some things and at the end of the day make him a much better coach.  Despite initial reservations I feel like this is a great kick in the ass for Utah Football.

Next up, Utah is moving to the 3-4 on defense and I think this is a great move.  We have a lot of great young linebacker talent and we need to get it on the field.  Plus with all the offenses in the Pac-12, it’s something we’re going to have to do in order to compete.  I applaud Kyle for pursuing change in these areas.

Finally Dan Sorenson at Utezone/Rivals reports that Ute commit Jackson Barton has been ranked 62nd in Rivals Top 100 making him Utah’s highest recruit ever.

So yes, today has been a long awaited good day for Ute Fans.