Utah Utes Football Update: It’s Dennis Erickson


Multiple sources including mine are now saying that Dennis Erickson will be named assistant football coach at the University of Utah tomorrow.  Although not clear, it is assumed he will be named Co-OC.  Billy Gonzales who was rumored to be a candidate will be taking a similar position under former Utah assistant at Wisconsin.

The announcement should come tomorrow or possibly Tuesday.  Erickson is an interesting departure from Coach Whit’s recent history of hiring but may bring a needed breath of fresh air to the coaching staff.  Erickson has spend 9 of the last 13 years as a head coach in the Pac-12 and might know more about the league than any other person Utah could have hired.

Erickson has had a long and mixed career from two national titles at Miami to being fired in the NFL twice to once buying me a beer when I was 14 (and no I never tire of telling that story).

He’s certainly seen everything and at the end of the day brings a wealth of experience to the position.  So stock up on Dewars folks, Erickson’s Air Express is coming to town.  And a couple of readers with knowledge of Wyoming in the mid-1980’s are laughing at that comment.

Welcome Coach Erickson.