Utah Utes Basketball Fans HAVE SOME PRIDE


Our Utah Utes Basketball team is a disaster.

It wasn’t a disaster under Ray Giacolletti, although a lot of us thought it was.  And it surely wasn’t a disaster under Jim Boylen, although A LOT of people have tried to convince us it was.  But this is it, this is what Rock Bottom really looks like.

Here is a quick history of the Larry Krystkowiak era.  Larry with a great big assist from Chris Hill meddling and flat out misreading his own program, bungled the coaching transition worse than any NCAA coaching transition in history.  If you can find one that went worse, even a school that was going on probation, I’ll buy you a beer/root beer because I can’t find one.  All over the country players are making contributions who Larry didn’t think were worthy of being Utes.

So to make up for it, Larry bring in a bunch of guys we’re told will shock us with how good they’ll be.  It turns out they weren’t, Larry won six games and brought in a whole bunch of new guys we’re told had talent and would shock us.  I was told we’ll see the genius of his coaching.   We’ll clearly be in the middle of the Pac-12, almost certainly a CBI team and if things break our way, well dare we dream of the NCAA Bubble.

Now the powers that be are demanding that we’re not Ute fans if we’re not in this for the long haul.  Are we stupid?  Is this like the frog slowly being boiled to death, the heat has been turned up so slowly we’re just not supposed to notice.

In case you haven’t noticed this team isn’t really much better.  It took a vastly easier schedule to get more OOC wins.  It took freak shooting nights and honoring Rick Majerus to get our two best wins, neither of which have we sustained momentum from.  Barring a miracle our Pac-12 win total is actually going to go down.  Right now we should just stand by for several more years for us to finally be ok?

Stand up and demand a change.  The beauty of actually hitting Rock Bottom is that it can’t get worse.  We can go out and write a big check and someone will come.  Does Larry Eustachy sound so bad?  Do you think he wouldn’t run to the Pac-12.  If you want to go cheap but take a solid chance, how about Mark Pope at BYU.  Mormon, played at Kentucky and got Jabari Parker to put a WCC school in his top 5.  If I’m saying what the eff, how about that.

Or how about this, we simply fire Larry and his crony Andy Hill, make Tommy Connor head coach.  It sure looks like anything good is coming from Tommy.  Then we spend some money on some real national assistants with serious credentials.

Just anything, anything to stop us from watching 14 wins hoops next year, 15 win hoops the year after and 17 after that and then we renew Larry’s contract because look how much better we are.

Sometimes you have to admit a mistake and make a change.