So What Now Utah Basketball….


I suppose I could say the Utah Utes basketball team is at a cross-roads today against the Oregon Ducks, but what the hell would that mean anyway.  Utah faces a desperate Duck team who has lost three straight and will be desperate to save their season.  After that this is Utah’s schedule the rest of the way.  Then Utah’s schedule goes…

Arizona St.
At Cal
At Stanford
Oregon St.

We face three teams who have blown us out.  The Utes played Arizona and Arizona St. close.  But they were just off of Christmas break and now both are firmly in NCAA mode.  And then we face the Ducks again, who will still be fighting for their lives.

This season can’t be called anything other than an epic disaster and certainly worse than last year.  Despite a total rebuild of the roster, a massive upgrade in talent, and a MUCH EASIER schedule, this is what we have to show for it.  Three more division one wins and one less Pac-12 win than last season.  And to make it better we have six games against teams tied for 5th or better in the Pac-12 and the one bad team just kicked our ass.

I’d like to say we’re at a cross-roads but it sure looks like all the other roads, except the one heading off of this cliff, are blocked.

A cross-roads would be nice.