Utah Utes Basketball: Does Larry Hate Jeremy Olsen…


The Utah Utes took an ugly basketball loss on the home court of the Oregon St. Beavers last night.  Their bigs abused out bigs like something that gets abused really bad.  Renan Lenz, Jason Washburn and Jordan Loveridge go a combined 4-20.  Renan Lenz whom might be the worst player ever (ok maybe I’m exaggerating) missed 143 layups to start the game (again a possible exaggeration, but not by much).

At the same time we’ve got this freshman who has shown some real skill, impressed almost every time he’s gotten on the floor.  His name is Jeremy Olsen.  Olsen only get 6 minutes last night, and in that time he was two for two.  Now I’m sure this is where some purists come in and tell me he’s not doing some super important thing right or whatever…  It’s at that point I roll my eyes.

Are we building for the future or are we trying to win now.  Because if as I’m told it’s all about the future and I’m not allowed to be irritated at games like last night, then why isn’t he on the court.

Because as I’ll point out, he couldn’t make things work especially not last night.

Last season I sort of joked that the biggest problem with Jiggy Watkins and George Matthews is that they had the stench of Boylen on them.  And Larry is like a mother sheep who won’t feed the sheep of other kids.  And I have to say, I’m starting feel that way about Olsen.  Maybe at the end of the season we could do that thing like they do with sheep to make them think the lamb is their own.

Yeah I know it means we have to kill and remove the skin of a Larry recruit to make it happen, but do we really need Renan Lenz?