Utah Football: Dennis Erickson Update


Just to update the Dennis Erickson to Utah issue, in case you didn’t see my tweets.

According to a source, Kyle Whittingham called Dennis Erickson for advice on who to hire concerning bringing in some additional help on offense/a mentor for Brian Johnson.  Kyle and Dennis are friends and discovered they were on the same page about how to proceed.  That led Dennis Erickson to Salt Lake City for his interview today.

Previous to this Kyle was considering 3-4 other names but now it would appear that Dennis Erickson is likely the lead candidate and will likely be named to the Co-OC position as early as Thursday or Friday.

Erickson is 65 years old and has 11 years of head coaching experience in the Pac-12 including nine since 1999 between Oregon St. and Arizona St.

Tomorrow is National Letter of Intent Day so don’t expect any news on this front until at least the end of the day tomorrow and perhaps not until Thursday.  The timeframe will be similar to the hiring of Brian Johnson so that Erickson or if it’s another name will be in place by the time Spring Football rolls around.

It would also seem likely that Erickson will oversee a QB battle in the spring between Travis Wilson, Brandon Cox and Adam Schultz.

We’ll update you as we know more.