Utah Football and Dennis Erickson Whaaaa….


So I have learned that Dennis Erickson has interviewed for the Co-OC position for the University of Utah Football team.  He could be named to the position as early as Thursday.

I’m not sure exactly what to think about this.  Erickson hasn’t been a coordinator since the 1980’s and has essentially flamed out in every job he’s ever had, or screwed a school over on his way to flaming out.

But it would be a splash.

When last seen, Dennis Erickson was coaching a high school team because Arizona St. fired him for not winning football games.

He also bought me a beer when I was 14.

Just to give you some extra background on Dennis…

He was last an offensive coordinator at San Jose St. in 1981.  He then took the coaching job at Idaho where his teams were known as the Throwin’ Idahoins.  He then took the job at Wyoming.  It was at this point where he bought a 14 year old me a beer and and offered me a scholarship, which he later pulled when he sobered up and never remembered offering.  He went from there to a quick stop at Wazzu, then on to Miami where he both won Ty Detmer a Heisman and himself a national title.  After that there was a stint with the Seattle Seahawks.

He nearly took Oregon St. to a shot at the national title one year.  Then he failed again in the NFL.  After that he murdered Idaho’s football program on the way to not winning at Arizona St.

And now, he just might becoming to Utah.