The Salt Lake Media Sucks…


I was sitting here contemplating whether I would write yet another version of the wow our basketball team is unpredictable column or maybe talked about National Letter of Intent Day, when I came across this column from Brad Rock.  The first half of the column is about the uncertainty that Alex Smith faces, but then Rock throws this gem in,

"“it’s hard to see how the Utes will improve in 2013. They have dangerous BYU and Utah State early on the schedule.  Then there’s Oregon State, USC, UCLA and Arizona State – teams they lost to last season. In addition they have games with Stanford and Oregon – the latter being in Eugene.The way that shapes up, Utah has a fair change of losing all of the eight aforementioned games, which would render them ineligible for bowl competition again.”"

I mean yeah I guess there is a chance that Utah might lose all eight of those games.  But really Rock, that’s the conclusion you’re going to come to.  Utah St. with their best team needed us to lose a QB and have the worst offensive PI call ever to save their with.  And we’d won something like 14 straight, so is there really a fair chance we’ll lose to them at home when Gary Anderson has moved on?  And BYU, haven’t we won 4 of the last five against them?  Not to mention, out of the first four Pac-12 teams you mentioned, only Arizona St. blew us out.  In addition, there is no consideration that Utah just might get better next year.

Whenever I see these columns I wonder if the old men of the Salt Lake media will ever realize that its not 1984 any more.  Brad Rock, Dick Harmon, Gordon Monson and the like, they’re like old men who never figured out how to program a VCR and don’t even want to hear that no one uses a VCR.

Come hell or high water they’re going to never give Utah football an ounce of credit.