Utah Football Recruiting Update


I asked around for a couple of tips about the upcoming recruiting class, who to get excited about and who to be surprised about and here are some thoughts.

Quarterbacks BABY- We got QB’s coming out the ying yang.  Besides Mr. Wilson who I thought played admirably in a difficult situation, we’re bringing in two freshmen, Conner Manning and Brandon Cox, in fact Mr. Cox is on campus right now.  And don’t forget about Mr. Adam Schultz with the big ARM.

Turning the CORNER (see what I did there)- With the graduation of Lee, Lacy and Topps one Mr. Davion Orphey will almost immediately see action in the two deep, as may Hippolito Coprporan.  BTW aren’t those two fantastic names, Davion Orphey and Hippolito Coprporan.

Finally onto the D-Line.  The name to watch for is Mr. Sam Tevi.  While some other folks may get the hype (and those dudes are talented dudes), Tevi will see playing time right away.

To paraphrase, “This class doesn’t have the national names, but its a very deep class and raises the talent level of the Utes.”

Honestly, I think it’s an exciting class and will be a big part of Utah becoming a real player in the Pac-12.  I’m very bullish on Ute Hoops.