Utah Basketball: Stanford a “Must Win”


I know among the ranks of the Larry can do no wrong crowd there has been a lot of back peddling these days.  Early in the year we were going to make noise in the Pac-12, challenge for a NCAA bid and do some post-season dancing.  Now the claims are, we’ll we’re better than last year aren’t we, so Larry is a great coach.

I submit that if we’re on any kind of a road, that this is a game we should win this season.  Stanford is not having a great year.  Their coach, Johnny Dawkins, is likely on his way out the door, unless a miracle occurs.  They don’t shoot the ball very well and at the end of the day are beatable.

Utah has to take advantage of games like this if we’re to give the illusion that we’re getting better.  The two guys to watch for Stanford are Dwight Powell and Chasson Randle.  The big question for Utah is will Jordan Loveridge play and how effective will he be.  He was banged up in Thursday’s loss to Cal and was to receive a concussion test yesterday but I haven’t seen a word on it yet.

So we’ll see if Utah can respond tonight and if the Sunday game time (combined with a Ute team that has done much) hurts the crowd more than usual.