Utah Gymnastics: I Finally Saw The Utes Win at Something


This is how cynical I’ve become about Ute athletics.  Utah is up nearly a full point on the beam, we had a wobble and a fall and I say, “please don’t blow this now.”  Then my wife reminded me how much a full point was.

I’ll ask my gymnastics consultants tomorrow about their opinions but I thought the Utes looked good on bars, great on vault and floor cruising for a 197 and then bam right into the beam.  The girl who went last on beam, Loughren I think nailed it BIG TIME.

Over all it was a good time.  Only 1400 people were there so it had the feel of a mens basketball game.  BOOOM.

And I saw the Utes win in person for the first time in awhile.  Hopefully it’s the start of a trend.  Next up Lady Utes Basketball in February.