Utah Basketball: Hurt or Comfortably Numb


"And you could have it all,My empire of dirt,I will let you down,I will make you hurt, – Hurt (I prefer the Johnny Cash version)I turned to look but it was goneI cannot put my finger on it nowThe child is grownThe dream is goneI… Have become comfortably numb – Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd)"

This is pretty much what Utah Basketball has become, either I’m in pain or numb but the joy is gone.  I was all set last night after Gonzaga (my happy place basketball team) curb stomped BYU to show up this morning and light Larry on fire.  But does it really matter?  Some of us are angry.  Most Ute fans stopped caring about basketball and then there are those precious ones who think we’re totally on the upswing.  Somehow each loss convinces them even more so.

In my most cynical moments I would say that there isn’t a single sign right now that this program is better off than it was in the hands of Ray Giacolletti or Jim Boylen.  In fact it’s probably at it’s lowest point and entirely the fault of Larry and Chris Hill and their decision to blow up something that had no need to be blown up.  I wonder if this news of team meetings with Jared DuBois and Dallin Bachynski aren’t pretty much a copy of Larry throwing Jiggy Watkins under the bus last year in order to cover for his own ineptitude.  I sometimes wonder is Jordan Loveridge all that much better than Josh Sharp, whose parents Larry couldn’t be bothered to call.

I look around the NCAA at guys who would be at Utah right now.  Chris Hines 10PPG at Drake.  Shawn Glover 13 PPG 5 RPG at Oral Roberts.  J.J. O’Brien 6 PPG 4 RPG and playing 25 MPG at San Diego St.  Josh Sharp 5PPG and 4 RPG in 20 MPG at BYU.  And that doesn’t mention Jason Washburn and Jeremy Olsen.  Looks like the foundation of a better team than we’re running out there every night.

But those are the moments when I allow myself to care.

Right now, I just sort of shrug my shoulders and say whatever.  Somehow the powers that be have convinced themselves that what is going on now is awesome and what was happening before was awful, despite there being no evidence to actually prove that.

So I’ll spend the rest of this hoops season and barring a miracle, next either numb or hurt.  Even the wins don’t feel good anymore because it just means the next low is right around the corner.

And that is Utah basketball.