Utah Basketball: Here Come The Cal Bears…


The Utah Hoops “Backness” tour continues in full effect tonight.

When last we left our intrepid warriors they were shooting over 60% and slaying a good Washington team.  This was after being completely worked by Washington St.  So who knows what is going to happen tonight.

On one hand we have the Larry-ites who know that this time, it’s for real.  On the other side are the cynics like myself screaming, “SHOW ME SOME CONSISTENCY.”  And in the middle of it is Cal.

Cal is coached by Mike Montgomery, a guy I at one time hoped Utah might approach with a big pile of cash to save Utah basketball.  That was before I learned out boosters are somehow thinking they can do all of this on the cheap.  Their main player is Allen Crabbe, who was all but a Ute before Montgomery swooped in and stole him Romar style.  He averages about 20 PPG but is accused at times of going to sleep.  Justin Cobbs is also giving Cal 15 a game.

I’ve long ago stopped trying to guess what this team might do under Larry.  If there really is something to this team, we’ll get at least a split of these games and not get our ass handed to us in the other.  But beyond that, can’t we all see this game going one of three or four ways and at this point none of them would surprise us?

And that is what the “Backness” tour is, full of surprises, except for being actually back.