Ute Athletics: How Long Till We Start Canning Coaches…


This is a question I’ve been wondering across the board.  How long in each sport until we start canning coaches for not being competitive in the Pac-12.

Gymnastics- Greg Marsden has this job till he dies or quits.  No question.

Football- Knowing Ute fans another losing season puts Kyle on the hot seat and two more would get him fired, although I’d say that’s a mistake.

Men’s Basketball- Now this is a tricky one considering no action Larry takes right now seems to get him criticized.  But my guess is, if we don’t have post season by next year, unless there is something super bright on the horizon, we’ll make a move.

Women’s Basketball- Now it seems like this sport should be more competitive.   I always thought Joe Legerski, now at Wyoming was the right heir apparent for Elaine Elliott, only she stayed a couple of years too many.  Might be time to give him the shot.

Volleyball- I thought we’d be more competitive here as well, but then again, this is the premier volleyball conference in the nation.  Probably four years before we worry.

Baseball and Women’s Softball- Honestly can we compete in either of these sports?  Maybe in Women’s softball but I don’t think the weather will ever allow us to be good at baseball.

As for the other sports, I think they all have to get four-five years in the Pac-12 before we start making evaluations.

I’d be curious as to what other people think.