Ute Hoops Face Big Weekend…


This week will tell us a lot about Utah Basketball and the battle between backness and nothingness.

Utah faces Stanford and Cal this week and neither team is exactly on fire.  Both are 2-3 in the Pac-12 and have nearly identical records on the season.  Cal is led by Allen Crabbe who was nearly a Ute, who is averaging 20 PPG.  Stanford is led by Dwight Powell and Chasson Randle who are giving the Cardinal 15 and 14 per game.  But nothing about either of these teams have been world beaters.

A sign of Utah being back would be at least a split of this home stand and two good efforts.  The cloud that hangs over this team is that they follow what looked like good efforts against good teams to horrible efforts against bad teams.  Which at the end of the day just means you’re not very good.  Also when you bring up that in Utah’s two biggest wins Boise St. and Washington, Utah shot 70% and 60%.  Numbers that high don’t happen often and therefore make one think fluke.

So here is a great chance to prove that the Utes are something.  Go out and get one of these games, play solid in another and then we might have signs of that “backness” I’ve been told so much about.