Utah Hoops- Could This Be the Corner Turn…


So it’s a day later and what do we think, we’ve turned a corner or a Boise like fluke.

Let’s take a look at some numbers…

Utah shoots 60% for the game and 65% in the 2nd half.  Washburn, Loveridge and Taylor combined for 22-35 shooting (63%).  For Washington their leading scorer was a guy off the bench who averages 8 PPG.

If I can voice a concern here, it’s that this doesn’t really look all that different than the story for most games this season.  Larry’s primary defensive goal is to get the ball away from the other teams leading scorer.  In this case, C.J. Wilcox.  The Utes have been remarkable effective at this all season.  Now here is where the story goes one of two ways.  Either we shoot normally to bad and lose the game, which is most of the games this season, or we shoot lights out and blow the team off the court, Washington and Boise St.

What would end this concern is if we could win a game while shooting 50%.  And I don’t think that is an attack on this team.  Because how often do you shoot this well?  For the Utes it’s twice.  (If your curious here is what my friend at The Husky Haul had to say about the game)

We have three home games coming up, Cal and Stanford who have looked not great and Colorado who is just flat out struggling, then we get Oregon St. at home.  If we’re on to something I would think the following weeks looks something like this.  Four good efforts, nothing like we saw against Wazzu.  And if we could split the next four and one of those wins has to be against Oregon St.

Do that and maybe we are onto something.