Aaron Roderick and Other Utah Football Musings


He’s Staying, He’s Going, He’s Going He’s Staying…

It seems that a lot of people want A-Rod to coach for them.  It also seems he is really bad at making decisions like this.  There have been a lot of rumors about the guy.  But I don’t know what is real and what is crap.  I suppose at the end of the day I know this.  Norm Chow, Gary Anderson and Bronco Mendenhall/Robert Anae wanted him on their staff and Kyle has taken him back twice now after he’s said he’s going other places.  That tells me he’s a guy we want on our staff.

As for what the season will bring?

With Basketball turning out the way it is, we might as well start turning our attention to football.  I know a lot of people are down on the Utes right now.  But I’m not one of them.  When I look to the problems we had last year I think they’ll improve a great deal this year.

QB- We’ll likely have one QB for the whole season.  We’ll still be young and our backup will likely be a true freshman unless Adam Shultz explodes, but I think the situation will be much better and the playing time Mr. Wilson got will be invaluable.

OL- Last year we were thin and hurt, this year we won’t have a ton of experience but we have talent and depth, I think this group will be a strength by years end.

Defense- We’re still going to be a bit short on athleticism, but young guys got a lot of playing time and while this group probably won’t be a special group, they will be a step up.

In essence, I think we can take some small steps in a lot of areas and its going to lead to a pretty big step over all.  I think we’ll return to a bowl game this year and then 2014 becomes our year.