Utah Basketball Fans We Have to Ask Ourselves…


Is there any serious manner in which we now believe Larry Kryskowiak is the right man for the job as it stands now?

Utah despite having vastly more talent than we put on the court last year, seem actually further away from the Pac-12 middle and top than we did a year ago.  The two teams closest to us, Washington St. and Colorado, will both be replacing their coaches at years end, barring a miracle for them.  Stanford may also look to make a move and USC already has.

To make the NCAA tourney in the Pac-12, unless we have a fluke weekend in Vegas, would mean getting to the top four of the conference.  And we’re four recruiting classes at minimum from competing with UCLA, Arizona, Oregon and Washington.  And honestly, if ASU has found it’s way not to mention Cal or Colorado, well we aren’t close to them either.  In fact Stanford may fire Johnny Dawkins for results we would kill for at this point.

So we’re looking at Larry maybe being able to get us to 10th or by a miracle 9th place in a couple of years.  If there is a reason to believe otherwise, I’d love to hear it.

Otherwise, isn’t it smart to make a move now.  The way it should have been done after Boylen, a big check to somebody with a name.  Like we bring in Tim Floyd or even Larry Eustachy.  Or even a shot at Wojo from Duke whose wife is from Salt Lake.  Just someone who has been around big time basketball, which no one on our staff has.

If Larry doesn’t pull a miracle out of his ass the rest of the way, can anyone really say it’s a good idea to keep him?