Utes Lose To Wazzu. Is It Time To Have A Hard Conversation…


Utah just got blown out in Pullman.  That takes us to 0-5 in the conference.  We’ve been soundly beaten by two of the worst three teams in the conference.  And it looks now that Arizona, UCLA and ASU being flat for the lowly Utes is just as likely as our improvement.  We’ve now lost 6 straight to D-1 teams.  And I don’t know how anyone is arguing that this is all clearly getting better.

So it’s time to say something.  We’re staring 0-6 in the face that could easily become 0-9.  If this ends up being 2-16 or heaven forbid 0-18, do we really need to debate this.  Would there be anything in the pipeline, a JC and a freshman PG who is going to magically make any of this better?

And if we’re going to need more massive roster changes, maybe it would just be prudent to bring in a coach who could get them by his name and pay that coach accordingly.

There is a whole lot of nothing happening right now with Utah basketball and this idea that we should wait a decade for Larry to retool all of this, well come on.  It’s time that Dr. Hill take a look at his decisions, go to the boosters and make a real commitment to Utah basketball, not a guy who is simply going to have slow white kids set really good picks.

Unless a miracle occurs in the last 13 games, well what else is there to say.