Ute Hoops: Ya Gotta Walk Before You Can Run…


There has been much hand wringing since we followed close losses to UCLA and Arizona with a blow out loss to USC.  It’s pretty clear even from Larry’s moves this week of simplifying the offense and having individual meetings with the players that he pretty much considers this team to be at step zero.

The thing is, I think I’d have a bit more faith in this team if we’d had a blowout loss to Arizona, UCLA took care of us and then we took care of USC.  Because at least it would start to show one thing, consistency.  Right now we have no idea what is going to happen when we step on that court.  We shoot 75% and beat Boise.  The other team shoots over 50% and USC beats us.

Now Wazzu is a hard place to play, so it’s not a guarantee of a win, but it is a place where we could pick one up.  If we’re to do anything more than just be all over the map on our final 14 games, where do something like sweep Oregon and get swept by Oregon St., it needs to start in a game like this.

Wazzu is all about Mr. Motum, but at the same time, Utah has to realize if someone else gets hot, like at USC or BYU, we might need to guard them as well.

So Larry’s 14 games and a season clock beings tonight.  Lets see if we can start walking.