Utah Basketball: A Day Later I’m Still Pissed…


You know what being back is?

First I’ll tell you what being back isn’t.  It isn’t losing a bunch of close games.  Coaches who lose close game get fired.  Do you want to know the simple first step in being back, winning home games that you should win.  For Utah, that means the teams in the bottom 3rd of the conference, USC, Washington St., Oregon St., and maybe Stanford.  If we lose to all those teams at home and yet beat Oregon on the road, that isn’t a sign of progress, it’s a sign that Oregon just didn’t try.

So please, all of you who are so very invested in pretending that Larry is the greatest coach we’ve ever had, so invested you’re willing to tell lies about the previous staff to make it seem true, take a serious look at this.  First eliminate last year from your mind.  Now look at what we’ve done this season.  We’ve blown double digit losses to Sacramento St., and to Cal State Northridge.  We were blown out by SMU at their place and got a close win at our place.  SMU is 11-7, 1-2 in CUSA.  Next are a bunch of close losses and one good win, right after Majerus died where Boise was on their 3rd roadie in 8 days and we shot 75%.  And to top it off we were blown out by USC at home, who lost to Georgia.

Hell we’ve had close losses but we also struggled at home to 3-11 Idaho St.

There is nothing attractive about it.  And Larry should have 14 games and next season to change it because we should at least be better than that.  If we can’t be an NIT team by next season, we have our answer on Larry ball.