Utah Hoops: Here Comes The Trojans…


If there was ever a must win game for an 8-7 team who is going nowhere quickly, well today would be it for the Utah Utes.  Utah is 0-3 in three very close games.  The Moral Victory Posse has been in full effect.  But at some point you have to win a basketball game.  And today is a game the Utes should actually win.  Kenpom.com has the Utes ranked just ahead of the Trojans (and Oregon St. for that matter), and by any account this is a game Utah should win.

Not to mention that, Wazzu doesn’t come to Salt Lake City this year so the only other “lock game” (if there are any) is when Oregon St. comes to Salt Lake in March.

The other thing today’s game might set is records for offensive ineptitude.  Utah averages 67 PPG to USC’s 63.  Neither team shoots the ball very well.

But USC may be bit of an enigma as well.  They looked horrible most of the pre-season including losing to Georgia.  They they come back and beat Dayton and Stanford and then after a terrible first half made a heck of a run at Colorado.  So who knows what the Utes will see.

At the end of the day if all of these cries that we’re back and on the right track are true, we have to have games like today.  It’s not even up for debate.

So let’s play some basketball.