Utah Basketball: Here Comes The Bruins



In life there are just some cool things that happen.  I’ve been to Fenway Park and the Horseshoe and the Big House.  I’ve seen an NBA title game.  So when it comes to college basketball one of those cool things is, playing UCLA.  Yeah I know that Wooden is gone and they aren’t exactly all that pleased with Ben Howland at the moment, but there is something special about playing the Bruins.  And the fact that we’re hosting them for the first time as a conference opponent, well that is just extra cool.

So what can we expect out of this edition of the Bruins.  First I have to say that I’m sad Josh Smith left the Bruins because I had a bucket full of his sweat smells like gravy jokes ready to go.  But this is the toddler edition of the UCLA Bruins, but what a group they are.  Three of the top four scorers are freshmen, led by Mr. Shabazz Muhammad.  He is just lighting it up and when he’s not doing it Jordan Adams is.

But what really is making this all run is former head case Larry Drew II who is dropping 8.5 dimes a game.

So this will be a new and interesting test for the Utes.  Can Larry force these Bruins into his ugly style of play so that Jared DuBois can miss a game winning shot.  Or will this diaper dandy talent for UCLA be too much.

Tune in tomorrow night folks.