Utes Basketball: And Here Comes Arizona


Tomorrow Utah steps up to the big time.

Arizona is ranked 3rd in the major polls and is 13th in Kenpom.com, the preferred ranking of Hoyo’s Revenge.  To compare BYU is right now 49th and Boise St.is 53rd.  (Northridge is 190, Sac St. is 239).

So what happens tomorrow?  Well Arizona will win.  The question is, will they over look us like last year and need a comeback or will the clean our clock.  They had a brutal game with a controversial finish to regulation only to go on and beat Arizona in overtime.  The ‘Cats at times have played up and down to their opposition.  I mean they aren’t going to play down to us but maybe we’ll keep it close again.

I’ll be there live and with a court side seat thanks to my lovely wife.  So you’ll get a fantastic post-game report.