Utes Crush College of Idaho but It’s About to Get Real Up In This Piece


Utah concluded their preseason schedule with a clubbing of the College of Idaho, which for awhile was known as Albertsons College, not that any of you care.

The point is, things are about to get real.  We’re about to have to do things like leave the state of Utah and not play against NAIA teams.

Our next six games are this.  At ASU, At Arizona, UCLA, USC, At Washington, At Washington St.

On one hand if we’re to do anything, we’d better show it now.  If you exclude Utah, the four worst teams in the Pac-12 according to Kenpom.com are USC, Arizona St., Washington and Washington St.  If we are to win a Pac-12 road game, one would think it would have to happen in these first three weeks.

On the other hand, our one road trip to Texas resulted in a blow out loss to SMU and a close win to Texas St.  And as we all know we’ve blown double digit leads at home to Big Sky and Big West teams.

So this team could come in somewhere between 4-2 and 1-5 or 0-6.  My guess for the most likely record is 2-4 with wins over USC at home and stealing the Wazzu game on the road.

In any event, it’s getting real.