If Bear Bryant Was Gay. An Analysis from a Georgia Fan


A couple of weeks ago I wrote this about A.J. McCarron’s tattoo.

"The tattoo looks like someone asked a bad art student to make a visual interpretation of the love making of Bear Bryant and a Televangelist after they decided to admit their love affair, move to Washington State get married and open a B&B."

Now Bama fan didn’t take none to kindly to this characterization and let me know some interesting information about me and my mother.  But then a good friend of mine, a Georgia fan offered this critique of what would happen if in fact Bear Bryant did come out of the closet.

"Been meaning to respond to the idea of Bear Bryant running a bed and breakfast with his televangelist life partner.  If such a thing had happened, there would be Bama fans who would turn not just gay, but “Liberace gay” because that’s the way Bear did it.  The sad thing is that Auburn fans would feel compelled to be even more gay, but with a bad inferiority/persecution complex that they weren’t gay enough or not properly recognized for their lifestyle."

Imagine how fabulous the Iron Bowl could be if only Bear Bryant had found love in the arms of a man.  The world just might be a much more beautiful place.