Utah Basketball: For a Change I’m Happy


This is the win I’ve been hoping for.  SMU ran us around down in Dallas.  It took a big effort from a couple of freshmen but it didn’t happen tonight.  We didn’t play great but we gutted one out.  This puts together a group of games when we’ve been consistently pretty good.  Now I don’t think everything is Roses but for tonight I’m happy.

I think Glen Dean is struggling a little bit.  At Eastern he was the man and was asked to score.  I think him being asked to do different things is causing him issues right now and I hope that improves.  Also Dean struggles with long guards, that was a theme at Eastern and I suspect it will continue.  Brandon Taylor has really stepped up.  But you have to wonder where is minutes will be next year with Dotson healthy, plus Dean and the JC transfer West.  I still think he might look elsewhere.

Bachynski continues to struggle as well.

But I don’t see all of that as a bad thing.  If we can still gut a game out despite not having a great night that is another positive.

Hopefully we can continue this against Northridge on Friday and then on to the Pac-12.

Utah basketball: At Least It’s Interesting.