Utah Basketball Thoughts…


I’ve taken some extra time these past couple of weeks to sort of let myself refresh after the long football season.  But now that football is gone it’s time to turn to basketball.  And what to think about basketball.

There is good, the win over Boise, the play at BYU.  There is bad, the loss to Sac State, struggling with an awful Idaho St. team and getting worked by SMU.

But the question is, am I being to hard?  Was it too much to expect that we work Sac St. and not struggle with Idaho St. at home.  Clearly, we’re playing some defense and rebounding.

Or am I too easy.  Was the Boise win a result of effort after Majerus passed plus Boise’s 3rd road game in 8 days.  If we were really a well coached team, could the worst team Dave Rose has had in years simply zone us for 8 minutes and win?  Should an SMU team that just isn’t all that good really have run us off the board?

Aren’t all of these legitimate questions?

So as we move to our return game with SMU and rush closer to opening Pac-12 play on the Arizona road trip, the question becomes, do we have any idea who we are at this point?

Because I’m still not sure other than we aren’t as bad as last year.  And is that really anything.

So going forward we’ll try and answer this question.