Mandi The Sorority Girl Picks The Bowl Games


Editor’s Note: The Point Spread used will be the Consensus line from Vegas Insider on the day of the writing of the column.

Hi Boys.  It just seemed that the season went so fast and I would miss each and everyone of you so much, that I decided to come back for a couple of more weeks.  It seems like all these teams decide to play each other in some fun (Honalulu) and not so fun (Shreveport) locations.  So why shouldn’t Mandi pick them for you.

So here is how it will work.  I’ll pick all the games from today, until my next set of picks, so essentially a weeks worth of bowl games.  I’m super excited and since I won’t have anything to do except for this, you boys have my undivided attention.

Gildan New Mexico Bowl

Arizona – 8 1/2 vs Nevada

Ok it seems Gildan sells crappy clothes on line.  And New Mexico isn’t nearly as much fun as actual Mexico, because do I have some stories about Mandi, Cabo and some photos I’d rather not get out.  So at this point I’m bored.  Then I thought, hey, its Nevada, so Vegas party good times…  Then I find out that this Nevada is in Reno, which is the 50 year old prostitute who has seen too much action of Nevada cities.  Besides, Arizona girls aren’t the same as the whores at Arizona St.  So yeah Arizona

Famous Potato Bowl

Toledo +10 1/2 vs Utah St

Ok is someone trying to play a joke on Mandi.  First, the Famous Potato Bowl?  Kidding right?  And I don’t think I’ve even heard of something called a Toledo.  So Mandi had to do some research here.  Toledo is the Rockets and Utah St. as far as I can tell is some kind of cow.  I don’t see how you pick a cow over a rocket.  But in the I suppose if you had Famous Potatoes, the best container would be a bowl, or maybe a sack.

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl

San Diego St +2 1/2 vs BYU

Ok, I like San Diego, Credit Unions and Poinsettias, so Mandi feels better about this one.  What Mandi doesn’t like is overly grabby return missionaries who think they’re going to get lucky when they only take me to Spaghetti Factory for a date.  Cheap Bastards.  San Diego St is like the dumber but nicer cousin of Arizona St.  And that is ok in Mandi’s book.