Utah Basketball: One For the Big Man, Now What…


Holy Crap… I don’t think any of us saw that coming.

Utah simply came out and exploded.  By halftime ,it was 17 points and in the second half it never got better.  Easily the best game of the Larry era.  In fact if I’m not sure the effort from any 3 games in the Larry era meets the one from last night.  It was a really wonderful way to honor Rick Majerus as heads off into the sunset.


Was that just a fluke because of everything surrounding the game or has Team Larry turned a corner?  Well lets get a couple of things out of the way.

First, Utah shot 75% for more than 3/4s of the game.  I’ve never seen that against a real team.  Several other people said the same.

Second, Boise was on their 3rd straight road game in 8 days.  Leon Rice said at halftime that his team looked like it was running in sand.  In fact I bet he never schedules like that again.

Now before you people run around in a tizzy because I’m not giving credit to the Utes, calm down.  The Utes did everything right last night on both ends of the court.  But this team has also lost to Sac. State, SMU and had serious struggles against Texas St. and Idaho St.

So  like I said, NOW WHAT.

If this win is to become something more than one memory in a pile of crap, well this team has to show it wasn’t a fluke.  They need to go down to Provo and make a good accounting of themselves.  I’m not saying we have to win that game.  Some great Utah teams haven’t left Provo with a win.  But we have to be competitive.  Then we need to come how, beat SMU on our home floor and take care of Northridge a few nights later.

If Utah can show that kind of consistency, then we’ll really have something more to be excited about than the farewell game to the Big Man.