Utah Basketball and Rick Majerus: What is left to say?


At some point I’ll have to write about something besides Rick Majerus.

Our basketball team is going to be somewhere between bleh and meh with people trying to convince me that a final four is just around the corner.

Our football team just finished being bleh and I’m going to spend most of the offseason trying to convince you that we will be better than meh next season.

We didn’t play for the water polo national championships.

All of which means I’ll get back to reality soon enough, so I’m going to talk about the big man a little bit more.

I was thinking about something.  And I will preface this with, I’m not saying it to bash Larry.

Lets say you give Rick Majerus last year’s Ute team, with Jiggy.  Now admittedly Majerus would have murdered Jiggy Watkins, but this is my dream so play along.  Majerus gets last years team.  Larry has this years edition of the Runnin’ Utes.  You give them two full weeks of practice (including video of the other team) plus game week.  Who do you take?

Honestly I take Rick.  Do any of you take Larry?

I think that is the thing I miss most about those Majerus coached teams that we haven’t had since.  It was the idea that no matter how outmatched we are, we had a shot to win the game.  The Sports Guy always talks about how Larry Bird missing a game winner was shocking.  I always found that with Rick, most of the time when we lost, I always found it a little shocking.

I know this is a bit of a rambler, but for at least another day or two, it’s easier to look back at those days than it is took look forward at all the question marks facing Utah’s big sports.

So excuse me if I stay in the history books a bit longer.