Utah Basketball: Majerus’ Passing Presents Rare Opportunity


Everyone knows there isn’t much love between me and Utah hoops right about now.  Even Saturday night I went on a rant about how we haven’t even been able to keep pace with Wyoming.  And I really don’t think that is too much to ask.

But a great deal has come together to present Utah Basketball with a rare opportunity to capture some spotlight.  Rick Majerus, whose shadow still stands over our program, as we all know passed away.  Wednesday night against Boise St. will be the first game we’ve had since that happened.  As it turns out Boise just might be the real deal.  First they are coached by former Gonzaga assistant Leon Rice, so he knows a little something about winning.  Next, Boise went to Michigan St. and only lost by four and then went into Creighton and kicked their ass.

6-1 Boise St., picked next to last in the MWC is now ranked 19th in the nation.

So here the Utes are.  Rick Majerus has left us.  We’ve had one interim and two full time head coaches since he left.  And on Wednesday night we have a chance to witness the symbolic rebirth of Utah basketball.  A win over a ranked opponent just might be the restart we need, the chance to both say thank you and turn the page.  The chance to finally build some momentum.

The chance to announce the return of Utah Basketball.

So I hope the fans do their part.  Show up, say goodbye and thank you to Rick Majerus and see if there is any magic left in the Huntsman Center.

And to Larry, his staff and the team, chances like this are rare, the rest is up to you.